So, I am a senior in high school and I will be attending my first prom next month. My school recently had a prom dress code meeting where they discussed what type of dresses were allowed and what weren’t. I personally had already gotten both of my dresses (I am going to two proms) and I was ready to get one of them altered until I went to the meeting. I found out that one of my dresses isn’t appropriate for prom. And the reasoning is that I need to have pride for myself. It sounds like if I wear a dress that shows too much skin, it means that I don’t have respect for myself.

I went dress shopping three times. The second time I went, I was overwhelmed and almost had a panic attack so we left empty handed. I decided to go online and look at dresses. I got the dress from an online boutique whom I would completely recommend!! It was from Boutique 1861. Anyways, I ordered a black dress and I fell in love with it. My family and friends loved it. I actually felt comfortable in it and that’s really important to me because I don’t exactly love my body or anything. Therefore, I was so happy with the dress. It also meant my mom didn’t have to spend a fortune on a dress I’d wear one time which was nice.

I go to the meeting and they have a slideshow to present what is acceptable and what is not. A dress that is very similar to mine popped up on the screen and my friend and I looked at each other in shock. I was so upset. I had no idea what I was going to do because I couldn’t return the black dress because I ordered it too long ago so I was screwed. I found another dress online and ordered it so all is well, I guess.

My point to this blog isn’t to sound like a brat or anything. I totally understand the need for a dress code because I know some people would take it too far. I believe that the wording for the presentation could have been altered to not make it sound like we don’t respect ourselves for showing skin or cleavage. Plus, I don’t even have cleavage so why does it matter?? You are adults so why are you looking?! I just want to be comfortable in a dress so I am happy all night and then I come to find out the one dress I loved isn’t acceptable to wear because a little bit of my legs or chest would be showing.

People are so quick to say, “you need to love your body” or “respect yourself and cover up” but they need to respect us by not sexualizing us in everything we do. And how can we love our bodies when everything we wear, we get hated on or we get told that it’s too skimpy or that we don’t have pride for ourselves?

“Why have a dress code?” my school’s answer: “to have pride in oneself”

I found a perfect dress that I thought I actually looked pretty in and my school ruined it. So much for international women’s day yesterday, way to make us women feel like we’re worth something when you say we don’t have pride in ourselves.

Disclaimer:: I am not trying to bash my school, I just believe dress code in general is a little extreme but I understand their reasons for it. I just also believe they should’ve worded it a little different because it sounds like they don’t believe we respect ourselves.

“Modesty isn’t about a dress code. It’s an attitude of the heart”


My people.

I think it is really beneficial to have a good set of friends. I have always struggled with friendships. I would have people who I thought were my best friends but it turned out that they weren’t. I had a really good best friend, or so I thought, until one day at a football game she said “you’re kind of annoying sometimes, I don’t really know why I am friends with you” or something of that matter. At that moment, I knew that it was a toxic friendship and I haven’t talked to her since. I then went on to have no friends. Absolutely none. My only friend was my mom and do not get me wrong, my mom is still my best friend but I needed people my age to hang out with. I was ready to convince my mom to homeschool me so I wouldn’t have to go to school alone. But then it all changed.

I met this girl named Tianna. We clicked instantly and became best friends. She is still a really good friend of mine and we talk almost every day but she moved so I don’t get to see her all the time ):

But the fall of 2019, I became close with three different people. Three different friend groups which means we don’t all hangout but I hope that changes one day. Three different people whom I trust whole heartedly.

Not in any different order because I love them all the same.

First is Olivia, we are literally the same exact person. emotionally and physically (because we have heard that we look alike). I met her because her boyfriend is my boyfriend’s best friend. I am so happy I met her. I knew of her from school but we had never actually hung out or anything, or even talked. We are both quiet at first and we both love marvel. She is Spiderman and I am Iron Man. She knows exactly what to say to calm me down and me to her. It’s like we are in each other’s minds. We have only known each other for about four months but I just know that she is a forever friend.

Next is Elizabeth. We met in the 7th grade but we didn’t talk that much. We became close through gym class but then fell off until 9th grade when we had art together. We started talking more and more and even had a Stranger Things fan account (how cringe is that??). Then we fell off again until our senior year. We both are graduating early so it wasn’t a two-year time jump, though. We started going to church together, we did homecoming together, and we started actually talking. We are very similar emotionally and our family situation is similar so we relate to each other a lot. We trust each other to the grave. She’s the Damon to my Enzo.

Last, but certainly not least is McKenzie. We met while I was in 6th grade and she was in 7th. We became super close, hanging out every weekend and doing things every day. We cheered together but once she went to high school, we just stopped talking often. However, she is a person where I could go months without talking to and then we hangout for 10 minutes and NOTHING seems different. Since we are both seniors now, we have a class together so I see her every day and she literally knows everything about me. She is my girl and always has been.

In addition to these three girls, I obviously have my mom, my sister, and my soon to be brother in law, Jake, who will always be my sidekicks. And I have my boyfriend who has become my best friend as well. I have come to realize who my real friends are and who will make me the best me and these are my people. always.

There are going to be people in life that are not good for you. You have to realize that God put them in your life for a reason. He wants you to learn from mistakes and situations, just like I did.

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”

Eleanor Roosevelt
  • I know the quote is kinda cheesy but it is SO true.

Let’s talk about YouTube.

In my opinion, YouTube is not as big as it used to be. I used to get on YouTube every day and now I am always on TikTok but that is a discussion for another day. YouTube is great if you like longer videos but I feel as if my attention span has lessened thanks to TikTok.

During the summer about two years ago, YouTube was all I watched. I wanted to become a YouTuber and I definitely tried but it never worked out. I was obsessed with Emma Chamberlain before she was a big influencer. I was watching her when all of her vlogs were of her going to different coffee shops and taking trips by herself. She was what everybody wanted to be. I personally stopped watching her once she moved to LA and she sort of changed her style. She started hanging out with James Charles and the Dolan Twins and changed for the best, I guess. She seems like a funny person to be friends with; I still follow her on Instagram and I am interested in her life, I just don’t desire to watch her on YouTube anymore.

As I stopped watching Emma, I went on to watch Summer McKeen. Summer just seems like a genuine person and a fun person to be around. In addition to Summer, I started keeping up with McKenzie Luskey. She is friends with Summer so that is how I got into her videos. She also seems like a real person who deals with the same issues I do. I noticed that she separated herself from the popular group of YouTubers who included Emma, Summer, Hannah Meloche, Ellie Thumann, etc. There was drama going on with the company they all worked with and it was like she stepped back from that and I think that is pretty admirable.

YouTube is different now.

I don’t like sitting through ten-minute-long videos of the same thing. I like the different and unique videos like vlogs where I can see how others live and how they go about their day. YouTubers are the same now-a-days, there isn’t any originality. It is all the same thing. I know some YouTube watchers are not happy with all the YouTube Rewinds and I can see why. They only include the YouTubers with the most clout and who are most famous instead of ones who work hard and care about their fans.

I think YouTube should care about their viewers and not just about who is most famous and what not.


Am I in love at 16?

Never been kissed to endless love…

I have always been the one that falls for a boy way too easily. I have had many meaningless crushes that haven’t gone anywhere. I get too attached to each boy and it is very hard to let go but eventually I do and then I try to stay away from relationships until I meet another boy *cue the rolling eye emoji*

I was not expecting to like Caleb (who is my boyfriend now) as much as I did and now I love him with all my heart. I honestly didn’t even like him at first as a friend and we have both agreed on that, so it’s nothing new. I knew I liked him October 7th when all he did was smile at me. I knew I was in trouble because I swore I would never like him and look where we are now: almost two months of dating and three months of hanging out. I never would have guessed that things would end up the way they are but I am so thankful they did.

Our first “hangout” was a football game and his friend had tickets, so we had a double date. It took me a while to warm up to him and get comfortable because I was out of town with three people I had never hung out with and now they’re my best friends. At the game, a mutual friend of ours asked me what I would say if Caleb asked me out and I barely thought about it and said “yes.” I knew that I wanted to date this boy.

As time went on, I would tell my mom and sister that he is “the love of my life.” It was really just a saying until I realized that I am truly in love with him. It was the little things that helped me know for sure such as him going to Walmart just to buy me Chapstick. Love isn’t about big gestures, but it’s about the little things that remind me why I started dating him in the first place.  

I am writing this because yesterday, at about 10:40 p.m., I was dropping Caleb off at his house and I started to pull out of his driveway. I turned around to make sure he got inside and he suddenly started banging on my car. I threw the car in park and he told me to get out. As I got out, I was very confused as to why he was telling me that. I said “why am I getting out?” and he said “because the stars are out.” He stopped me so that we could look at the stars together and that right there is love to me.

I thought I knew what love was when I was younger but I didn’t. I really didn’t. I know it now because I have someone in my life who truly loves me for me and treats me so well. That is way better than many temporary crushes. Plus, who cares that I am sixteen? There are people out there that are way older than me and don’t know the first thing about love. So yes, I am in love at sixteen years old..

“I fall in love with you each and every day.”


Anxiety and OCD.

Anxiety is a tough feeling. It is something that many people deal with and it is more than what people assume or think it is. It is having to cancel on plans and not hang out with your friends because you are so terrified to go out. It is freaking out when the teacher calls on you to answer in class because you are so nervous that the answer you give will be wrong. Along with anxiety comes panic attacks. A panic attack can make it difficult to breathe or even difficult to move. For me, it is hard to stop crying or shaking. I can’t ever catch my breath. It is crazy how high the anxiety rate is; I can name a handful of people I know that have anxiety.

I feel as if some people do not understand the severity of anxiety. They think it is just nerves when in reality, it is crippling and it consumes every part of a person. It makes it hard to go to school and hangout with family and it can even prevent a person from doing something they love most. Anxiety is much more than what people think.

In addition to anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder is another mental illness that is often confused. OCD is not just having the urge for your bed to be made and your room to be clean. It can be, but it is rarely just that. OCD is the feeling of having to make sure the door is locked and turning the handle three or five times just to feel at ease. Intrusive thoughts are an example of an OCD symptom, thinking that you have to turn the light switch on and off ten times or something horrible will happen. OCD is much more than being neat and polished. It is damaging to a person’s life and mental health.

If you feel as if you have anxiety or OCD or any mental illness for that matter, get some help. It is much better once you admit you need help and if you get help. Find someone you trust and talk it out (:


My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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Introduce Yourself

I am blogging publicly because I hope that I am able to help someone in the long run! I think I will write about fashion, lifestyle, and social media. I would love to connect teenagers and potentially connect with parents so they can learn how teenagers think (:

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