My people.

I think it is really beneficial to have a good set of friends. I have always struggled with friendships. I would have people who I thought were my best friends but it turned out that they weren’t. I had a really good best friend, or so I thought, until one day at a football game she said “you’re kind of annoying sometimes, I don’t really know why I am friends with you” or something of that matter. At that moment, I knew that it was a toxic friendship and I haven’t talked to her since. I then went on to have no friends. Absolutely none. My only friend was my mom and do not get me wrong, my mom is still my best friend but I needed people my age to hang out with. I was ready to convince my mom to homeschool me so I wouldn’t have to go to school alone. But then it all changed.

I met this girl named Tianna. We clicked instantly and became best friends. She is still a really good friend of mine and we talk almost every day but she moved so I don’t get to see her all the time ):

But the fall of 2019, I became close with three different people. Three different friend groups which means we don’t all hangout but I hope that changes one day. Three different people whom I trust whole heartedly.

Not in any different order because I love them all the same.

First is Olivia, we are literally the same exact person. emotionally and physically (because we have heard that we look alike). I met her because her boyfriend is my boyfriend’s best friend. I am so happy I met her. I knew of her from school but we had never actually hung out or anything, or even talked. We are both quiet at first and we both love marvel. She is Spiderman and I am Iron Man. She knows exactly what to say to calm me down and me to her. It’s like we are in each other’s minds. We have only known each other for about four months but I just know that she is a forever friend.

Next is Elizabeth. We met in the 7th grade but we didn’t talk that much. We became close through gym class but then fell off until 9th grade when we had art together. We started talking more and more and even had a Stranger Things fan account (how cringe is that??). Then we fell off again until our senior year. We both are graduating early so it wasn’t a two-year time jump, though. We started going to church together, we did homecoming together, and we started actually talking. We are very similar emotionally and our family situation is similar so we relate to each other a lot. We trust each other to the grave. She’s the Damon to my Enzo.

Last, but certainly not least is McKenzie. We met while I was in 6th grade and she was in 7th. We became super close, hanging out every weekend and doing things every day. We cheered together but once she went to high school, we just stopped talking often. However, she is a person where I could go months without talking to and then we hangout for 10 minutes and NOTHING seems different. Since we are both seniors now, we have a class together so I see her every day and she literally knows everything about me. She is my girl and always has been.

In addition to these three girls, I obviously have my mom, my sister, and my soon to be brother in law, Jake, who will always be my sidekicks. And I have my boyfriend who has become my best friend as well. I have come to realize who my real friends are and who will make me the best me and these are my people. always.

There are going to be people in life that are not good for you. You have to realize that God put them in your life for a reason. He wants you to learn from mistakes and situations, just like I did.

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”

Eleanor Roosevelt
  • I know the quote is kinda cheesy but it is SO true.

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