Let’s talk about YouTube.

In my opinion, YouTube is not as big as it used to be. I used to get on YouTube every day and now I am always on TikTok but that is a discussion for another day. YouTube is great if you like longer videos but I feel as if my attention span has lessened thanks to TikTok.

During the summer about two years ago, YouTube was all I watched. I wanted to become a YouTuber and I definitely tried but it never worked out. I was obsessed with Emma Chamberlain before she was a big influencer. I was watching her when all of her vlogs were of her going to different coffee shops and taking trips by herself. She was what everybody wanted to be. I personally stopped watching her once she moved to LA and she sort of changed her style. She started hanging out with James Charles and the Dolan Twins and changed for the best, I guess. She seems like a funny person to be friends with; I still follow her on Instagram and I am interested in her life, I just don’t desire to watch her on YouTube anymore.

As I stopped watching Emma, I went on to watch Summer McKeen. Summer just seems like a genuine person and a fun person to be around. In addition to Summer, I started keeping up with McKenzie Luskey. She is friends with Summer so that is how I got into her videos. She also seems like a real person who deals with the same issues I do. I noticed that she separated herself from the popular group of YouTubers who included Emma, Summer, Hannah Meloche, Ellie Thumann, etc. There was drama going on with the company they all worked with and it was like she stepped back from that and I think that is pretty admirable.

YouTube is different now.

I don’t like sitting through ten-minute-long videos of the same thing. I like the different and unique videos like vlogs where I can see how others live and how they go about their day. YouTubers are the same now-a-days, there isn’t any originality. It is all the same thing. I know some YouTube watchers are not happy with all the YouTube Rewinds and I can see why. They only include the YouTubers with the most clout and who are most famous instead of ones who work hard and care about their fans.

I think YouTube should care about their viewers and not just about who is most famous and what not.

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