Anxiety and OCD.

Anxiety is a tough feeling. It is something that many people deal with and it is more than what people assume or think it is. It is having to cancel on plans and not hang out with your friends because you are so terrified to go out. It is freaking out when the teacher calls on you to answer in class because you are so nervous that the answer you give will be wrong. Along with anxiety comes panic attacks. A panic attack can make it difficult to breathe or even difficult to move. For me, it is hard to stop crying or shaking. I can’t ever catch my breath. It is crazy how high the anxiety rate is; I can name a handful of people I know that have anxiety.

I feel as if some people do not understand the severity of anxiety. They think it is just nerves when in reality, it is crippling and it consumes every part of a person. It makes it hard to go to school and hangout with family and it can even prevent a person from doing something they love most. Anxiety is much more than what people think.

In addition to anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder is another mental illness that is often confused. OCD is not just having the urge for your bed to be made and your room to be clean. It can be, but it is rarely just that. OCD is the feeling of having to make sure the door is locked and turning the handle three or five times just to feel at ease. Intrusive thoughts are an example of an OCD symptom, thinking that you have to turn the light switch on and off ten times or something horrible will happen. OCD is much more than being neat and polished. It is damaging to a person’s life and mental health.

If you feel as if you have anxiety or OCD or any mental illness for that matter, get some help. It is much better once you admit you need help and if you get help. Find someone you trust and talk it out (:

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